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No Equipment
Home Workouts

  • Shape your body, lose fat and get stronger
  • No guesswork: personal plan (smart training algorithm)
  • Be healthy: steps & water tracker

Easy to follow workout program tailored just for you.  
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Why Shaper?

Personalized Program

Program will start at your current fitness level and progress based on your feedback after each workout.

Beginner Friendly

Anyone can start their fitness journey with Shaper! No impossible workouts and no equipment necessary.

Reward System

Work out regularly and earn free subscription! A bit of extra motivation always come in handy.



Track Your Activity

Steps, water intake, weight, workouts - track everything in one app!

Custom Workout

3 tap creation! Creating your own workout has never been easier!

Intuitive Design

As soon as you start using Shaper you will know what to do.

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